Brent's Bodyworks - Therapeutic Massage
Neuromuscular Therapy


"Brent is very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. It was a very enjoyable massage." ~Jessica

"I have been going to Brent for massages for the last nine months. I’m an avid runner and had been getting massages regularly for the past several years and met Brent through a class he taught at Cambio Yoga Studios. Brent was attending massage therapy school at the time and I asked him if he needed clients for clinical hours as he was going to school. Brent had only been in school for a few months when I first received a massage from him, and I would have gladly paid for a professional massage as his skills were commensurate with massage therapists I’d gone to who have been practicing for years. Brent’s experience as a yoga instructor, knowledge of the body, and intuitiveness are obvious through his massage practice. As an athlete, I was accustomed to deep tissue treatments that were painful, but Brent is able to pinpoint areas of pain and can release those areas without making me want to crawl off of the table. He has always been responsive to my feedback on my multitude of nagging pains due to running and has knowledge of how the muscles work together and educates himself on what may cause imbalances. I attribute staying healthy last season to getting frequent massages from Brent. He is eager to learn and is always staying on top of the latest massage techniques to best help his clients." ~Brianne

"I got a massage from Brent the other day and it was one of the best I have had in a long time. His knowledge of the muscles is extensive. I really like the fact he demonstrated some after care stretches to help continue the healing process! Thank you again Brent!" ~Darla

"Brent's technique's are super effective! He understands how the body is connected and what pressure to use. He cleared up a bad crick in my neck where stretching or anything I tried wasn't helping at all after one session. I love feeling like my body is in a healthier condition after a session with Brent!" ~Heather

"I have been receiving massages from Brent while he was in school and have received a few massages afterwards. He is very professional and, in my opinion, provides a world class service! I need to schedule another massage soon!!!" ~Christina

"I think Brent's superhero name should be Amazing Proprioceptor Man! Thanks for helping me keep my head on straight, dude!" ~Morgen